Legal & Investigative Services


Category: Legal & Investigative Services
Number of Results: 4

1. 2022/23 Request for Qualifications Professional Services Term Consultants
Date of Issue: 06/30/2022
Agency: NYS Olympic Regional Development Authority
Proposal Due: 12/29/2022

2. Dispute Resolution Program
Date of Issue: 10/21/2022
Agency: Civil Service, NYS Dept. of
Proposal Due: 12/22/2022

3. Professional Transcriptive Services
Date of Issue: 11/18/2022
Agency: Hempstead, Town of
Proposal Due: 12/08/2022

4. Special Counsel – Stony Brook China Program
Date of Issue: 10/25/2022
Agency: State University of New York (SUNY)
Location: Stony Brook, NY
Proposal Due: 12/05/2022