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Issue Date: 02/11/2019 Contract Number: PON 4062

RetrofitNY Gap Funding for High-Performance Retrofit Projects (NYC)


Description of goods to services to be bid:

Through this PON, NYSERDA will provide project funding for up to three building owners whose respective buildings have had high-performance retrofit solutions designed for them under NYSERDA’s RFP 3750, are located inside the five boroughs of New York City and are not more than six-stories high. The high-performance solutions must demonstrate promise for approaching or achieving net zero energy performance, be scalable, improve residents’ quality of life and be installed with minimal disruption to residents.

This solicitation will provide limited project gap funding to produce and install such prototype retrofit solutions in instances where (a) the cost of the retrofit solution exceeds available project financing and (b) that additional cost cannot be fully underwritten by the energy and operational savings produced by that retrofit solution. The goal of funding such projects is to demonstrate the efficacy of the retrofit solutions and lay the foundation for such solutions to be developed at large scale, significantly reducing their costs thereby and ultimately making the process self-financing and self-sustaining.

Funds will be allocated proportionate to demonstrated project need as determined by program staff up to a total project amount equivalent to $40,000 per dwelling unit.

Applications will be reviewed by NYSERDA program staff for up to 18 months from the PON release date or until three projects have been awarded or all funds allocated.


Eligibility/Qualifications Requirements/Preferences:

To meet minimum eligibility requirements, the applicant must demonstrate:

• Applicant is the legal building owner for one of the six projects awarded under RetrofitNY RFP 3750
• Applicant confirms that following completion of renovation, the building will still qualify as affordable housing as defined in RFP 3750 and that major capital improvements provided will not jeopardize its rent levels from meeting the affordable housing requirements stated in RFP 3750
• The total final project budget for the retrofit solution requires gap funding based on financing/funding sources currently available after completing the template provided by NYSERDA
• Applicant has applied to all available resources for underwriting to projected operational savings
• Applicant has submitted a written commitment to abide by a construction schedule that demonstrates the retrofit solution will be installed within a reasonable period of time and not in excess of 24 months from qualification of applications (if more time is required due to particular project requirements, this must be approved by NYSERDA)
• Applicant has committed in writing to allow NYSERDA or its agents to perform Measurement and Verification on the building for up to ten years after completion of retrofit installation and to use the data accrued as NYSERDA sees fit
• Applicant and applicant’s financing partners have agreed in writing to proceed with work once NYSERDA funds are committed to the project
• Applicant and applicant’s financing partners have agreed in writing to include NYSERDA in the requisition process required by applicant’s lenders and to provide regular project reporting to demonstrate project status, allocation of funds, any change orders (adds or deducts), cost or time overruns or underruns consistent with that provided to the project’s other lenders
• Applicant has provided written permission for NYSERDA to study, promote, publish, and generally distribute information about the project publicly for at least ten years and will make it a requirement of any sale agreement transferring control of ownership that new owner abides by this agreement

Applicant must further agree that after the completion of the design phase and prior to a contract being awarded and funds being released, applicant will provide NYSERDA with the following:
• An executed contract to procure retrofit solution from the solution provider team that designed and developed that solution under RFP 3750
• Final construction documents that incorporate the retrofit solution as designed under RFP 3750
• A persuasive resident management plan that suggests the likely acceptance by the residents of the retrofit solution and that includes initial and ongoing training of residents in systems’ operation and best practices
• A persuasive maintenance plan to ensure successful operation and maintenance of all systems long term and that includes initial and ongoing training of maintenance personnel in systems’ operation and best practices as well as all available maintenance agreements, warranties and commitments by systems’ manufacturers and solution providers
• A variance or a letter of intent to issue such variance from the relevant agency for any aspect of the retrofit solution that does not conform with applicable building codes or other codes

In addition, prior to contract to be awarded and funds released, NYSERDA must have received and approved from the solution provider team the final report and deliverables produced under RPF 3750 in a format ready for publication as open source documents with the team agreeing in writing to release of all materials for open source publication.

Due Date: 12/31/2021 3:00 PM

Contract Term: One year

Location: New York State

Ad Type: General

Technical contact:     NYSERDA
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Christopher Mahase
Senior Project Manager
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Primary Contact:     NYSERDA
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Saul Brown
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Secondary contact:     NYSERDA
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