Safety & Security


Category: Safety & Security
Number of Results: 8

1. Public Safety Communications-Maintenance, Equipment, Solutions, Service, and Support
Date of Issue: 05/13/2019
Agency: Police, NYS Dept. of
Location: Statewide
Proposal Due: 11/27/2019

2. NYS 1122 Program
Date of Issue: 03/29/2019
Agency: General Services, NYS Office of
Location: Statewide
Proposal Due: 09/26/2019

3. Solicitation # 23173 Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE) (Statewide)
Date of Issue: 06/26/2019
Agency: General Services, NYS Office of
Proposal Due: 09/10/2019

4. Governors Island Security Services
Date of Issue: 06/21/2019
Agency: The Trust for Governors Island
Location: 10 South Street, Slip 7, New York, NY 10004
Proposal Due: 08/09/2019

5. Security System Management Plan
Date of Issue: 07/15/2019
Agency: New York Convention Center Operating Corp.
Location: 655 West 34th Street New York NY 10001
Proposal Due: 08/05/2019

6. Legionella Sampling
Date of Issue: 07/12/2019
Agency: State University of New York (SUNY)
Location: 450 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203
Proposal Due: 08/02/2019

7. Restraint and Seclusion Landscape Analysis, Technical Assistance Resource Center and Advocacy
Date of Issue: 06/03/2019
Agency: Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Location: Statewide
Proposal Due: 07/26/2019

Date of Issue: 07/16/2019
Agency: Sheltering Arms Children and Family Services
Location: Bronx & Queens
Proposal Due: 07/19/2019