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Issue Date: 02/21/2024 Contract Number: 30-012424

NTIA Middle Mile Project NYSDOT and Railroad Permitting


Procurement ID: 30-012424
Pursuant to the policies and procedures of the Development Authority of the North Country (“Authority”), the Authority is seeking Proposals for: Telecommunication Project Permitting which will include the development of all New York State Department of Transportation permitting (Perm 32 and Perm 75) along with the development of train crossing applications and permitting for the Authority’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Middle Mile Project.
The RFP can be downloaded from the Authority’s website:
Important Dates:
February 28, 2024 at 1:00 pm: Optional Pre-Proposal Meeting at Warneck Pump Station, 23557 NYS Route 37, Watertown, NY 13601 or by Webex linked below:
Meeting number (access code): 2631 624 8160
Join by Phone: +1-650-479-3208 , Mobile Phone: +1-650-479-3208,,26316248160##
Attendance at this meeting is optional.
March 6, 2024 by 4:00 pm: Question Period Closes
No questions will be accepted after this date. Answers to questions will be provided as soon as possible, but no later than 3 days prior to the proposal due date. Answers will be provided to all prospective proposers who have downloaded the proposal package for this project from the Authority’s website. An email notification will be sent that informs proposers that new information has been posted to the Authority’s website and is available for review and download.
March 13, 2024 at 1:00 pm: Electronic Submission of Proposals Due
A copy of the Proposal must be submitted in electronic form, signed by an authorized officer of the Proposer and emailed to Proposals received after the time and date specified above will not be accepted and will be returned.
Primary Point of Contact: Pursuant to the Procurement Lobbying Law, the Authority has designated one person who may be contacted by Proposers regarding this procurement and shall require disclosure from Proposers of persons or organizations designated, retained or employed to attempt to influence the procurement process using the “Certification Pursuant Procurement Lobbying Law” form. (See Appendix B). All questions regarding this procurement opportunity should be e-mailed to:
Kari Tremper
Development Authority of the North Country
Phone: (315) 265-1514
Submission of a Proposal constitutes an acknowledgement that the Proposer has thoroughly examined and is familiar with the requirements under this RFP including appendices, forms, and attachments, that it is capable of performing the work to achieve the objectives of the Authority, and that it will accept these terms and conditions unless exceptions are specified in the Proposer's submission. The cover letter submitted with the Proposal must state whether any exceptions are taken to the terms and conditions, and reference the section of the Proposal where such exceptions are detailed.
No contact with any Authority personnel or Authority consultants other than the above-named designated Authority contact person is allowed until such time as a Notice of Award is issued by the Authority. Violation of this provision may be grounds for immediate disqualification.
If a Proposer believes there is any ambiguity or error in this RFP, the Proposer should immediately notify the Authority’s designated contact in writing and request clarification or modification of the RFP. Any modifications or clarifications will be made in writing and will be
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distributed to all Proposers who have downloaded this RFP from the Authority's website via an email notification that new information is available on the Authority’s website.
2.0 Introduction
The Development Authority of the North Country (“Authority”) is seeking engineering and surveying services related to the NTIA New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Railroad Permitting Project which will include; 1) the submission of all NYSDOT permits necessary for constructing fiber along NYSDOT right of ways (Perm 32 and Perm 75) and 2) the submission of the necessary permit application to complete rail crossing for the Authority’s NTIA Middle Mile Project. This project consists of approximately 350 miles of fiber optic installations in 12 separate segments (routes) located in Upstate New York. The routes travel along State Highways, county and town roads and intersect 12 rail crossings. The requested permitting will only encompass Segments 1-11.
The selected consultant will be tasked with working with Project Stakeholders to develop the applications and complete the NYSDOT and rail permitting process involved with Segments 1-11 of the project.
Capitalized terms that are not specifically defined in this RFP are defined in Paragraph D entitled “Definitions” of Part I entitled “General Terms & Definitions” of the Authority’s “Standard Terms, Conditions & Mandatory Clauses”, included as Appendix A, which hereby are deemed incorporated into this RFP by this reference, and have the same strength and effect as if they were expressly set forth below.
3.0 Background
The Authority is unique among public authorities in New York State in its scope of activities. Unlike other single-purpose state authorities, the Authority owns and operates a number of revenue-based infrastructure facilities and manages a wide range of business and housing development programs. The Authority has become the region's largest provider of shared-services, providing fee-based services to three counties which fosters economies-of-scale and efficiencies saving money for the ratepayers. The Authority does not receive annual appropriations from Federal, State or local governments for operating purposes. All revenues are generated through user fees, contracts or investment earnings.
In keeping with its mission to serve the common interests of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties, and to enhance economic opportunities and promote the health and well-being of its communities, the Authority is committed to environmental stewardship, fiscal integrity, and strong partnerships in accomplishing these objectives. The Authority's professional management team and staff are dedicated to the efficient operations of the Authority's projects, while working to advance new and innovative initiatives.
Primary operational areas of the Authority are Administration, Solid Waste Management, Water Quality Management, Engineering, Telecommunications, and Regional Development.
For further information, please visit our website at:

Due Date: 03/13/2024 1:00 PM

Contract Term: Six months from notice of award

Location: Upstate New York

Ad Type: General

Primary Contact:     Development Authority of the North Country

Jennifer Staples
Chief Financial Officer
Dulles State Office Building
317 Washington St., 4th floor
Watertown, NY 13601
United States
Ph: 315-661-3200
Fax: 315-661-3201

Secondary contact:     Development Authority of the North Country

Jennifer Staples
Chief Financial Officer
Dulles State Office Building
317 Washington St., 4th floor
Watertown, NY 13601
United States
Ph: 315-661-3200
Fax: 315-661-3201