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Issue Date: 06/26/2020 Contract Number: C20XXXX

RFQual #20-02 Independent Medical Examiner Services (Individual Physicians)


The New York State Comptroller (“Comptroller”), as Administrative Head of the New York State and Local Retirement System and the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System (“NYSLRS” or the “System”) and as authorized by the Retirement and Social Security Law, is seeking to contract with physicians having general and specialized medical education, experience, and expertise. Physicians will act as Independent Medical Examiners and will conduct medical examinations for the System’s Medical Board (“Board”), render professional, technical, and expert advice and opinion in connection with the medical examinations, and will testify at administrative disability hearings on an as-needed basis (“Services”) in connection with applications for retirement benefits from members of the System (“Members”).


To be eligible for consideration, interested physicians must:

  1. Be licensed to practice medicine in New York State.

  2. Be American Specialty Board Certified in at least one of the following specialties:

    ·       Allergy

    ·       Neuropsychology

    ·       Cardiology

    ·       Oncology

    ·       Dermatology

    ·       Ophthalmology

    ·       Endocrinology

    ·       Oral Surgery

    ·       Gastroenterology

    ·       Orthopedics

    ·       General Surgery

    ·       Orthopedic Surgery

    ·       Gynecology

    ·       Otolaryngology

    ·       Hematology

    ·       Plastic Surgery

    ·       Immunology

    ·       Psychiatry

    ·       Infectious Disease

    ·       Pulmonology

    ·       Internal Medicine

    ·       Rheumatology

    ·       Nephrology

    ·       Toxicology

    ·       Neurology

    ·       Urology

    ·       Neurosurgery

    ·       Vascular Surgery

    ·       Neuropsychiatry


  3. Not have any professional misconduct proceedings pending against them and must not have been previously found guilty of any misconduct.

  4. Be able to provide handicapped-accessible medical facilities suitable for conducting a medical examination.

  5. Have sufficient proficiency in English, both verbal and written, to provide the Services.

Services Required:

Physicians must:

  1. Perform psychological/psychiatric medical examinations or physical medical examinations of Members.

  2. Conduct independent medical examinations (“IMEs”) in relation to the following types of disabilities:

    • Accidental (e.g., conditions that are the result of an on-the-job accident, conditions that are presumed to have been the result of an accident incurred in the performance of duty); and/or

    • Ordinary (non-job related); and/or

    • Performance of duty (conditions that are the result of an occupation, and/or conditions that are presumed to have been incurred in the performance of duty).

  3. Produce a comprehensive typed narrative report of their findings to the New York State Office of the State Comptroller (“OSC”) within 21 days of the date of the IME.

  4. Be available to provide expert testimony at administrative hearings, as assigned by OSC.

Under no circumstances should the Members’ personal insurance information be collected nor such insurer charged for the Services.

How To Apply:

Entities interested in this opportunity must provide the following:

  1. Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae;

  2. A list of addresses for offices where IMEs will be performed;

  3. A list of the area(s) of expertise in which the physician is American Specialty Board Certified;

  4. Proof of Professional Liability Coverage; and

  5. Attachment 2 (Certifications), completed and signed.

OSC cannot guarantee the volume of work, if any, that will be requested. Physicians should be available on an as-needed basis. All Services shall only be performed with the prior approval of OSC.

All documents, including Attachment 1 (Fee Schedule), Attachment 2 (Certifications), and the Draft Contract for this procurement, are posted on the OSC website at

Entities must be willing to enter into an agreement substantially in accord with the terms of the Draft Contract posted to the OSC website should the physician be selected for contract award.

Questions regarding this procurement opportunity must be sent via email or via hard copy to the addresses below. The comprehensive list of questions and responses will be posted to the OSC website and will be updated periodically. This listing will not include the identities of the vendors submitting the questions; those will remain anonymous to the extent allowed by law.

NOTE: This is a continuous recruitment solicitation. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications will be reviewed quarterly, or more frequently at OSC’s discretion. This solicitation may, from time to time, be amended or addenda issued. It is the physician’s responsibility to become aware of any such amendments and/or addenda prior to submission of a response. All amendments and/or addenda to procurements will be posted to the OSC website. Applicants may be asked to supply additional documentation as determined necessary to NYSLRS during review of applications.

This solicitation is subject to, and shall be conducted in accordance with the OSC Executive Order on Procurement Integrity and OSC’s Procurement Integrity Procedures, both of which are available in full as Appendix D to the contract on the OSC website noted above, or upon email request. All inquiries concerning this procurement must be addressed to Director of Financial Administration, or designee(s) at OSC, via email (preferred) to or via hard copy mail to:

Director of Financial Administration
Questions for Medical Examiners Continuous Recruitment (RFQual #20-02)
Office of the State Comptroller
110 State Street, Stop 13-2
Albany, NY 12236-0001

Due Date: 12/24/2020

Contract Term: Five years

Location: Statewide

Ad Type: Continuous procurement solicitation

Primary Contact:     State Comptroller, Office of the
Bureau of Finance

Director ,
Financial Administration
110 State St.
Stop 13-2
Albany, NY 12236-0001
United States
Ph: 518-474-7574

Secondary contact:     State Comptroller, Office of the
Bureau of Finance

Director ,
Financial Administration
110 State St.
Stop 13-2
Albany, NY 12236-0001
United States
Ph: 518-474-7574