Construction Vertical: Building Construction; Rehabilitation & New Construction - Construction

Issue Date: 09/11/2020 Contract Number: 3330209999/CR49

New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports Charles K. Post Addiction Treatment Center Conversion including Asbestos Removal Rebid


Single Prime Contract to complete Interior and Exterior Renovations including the following: 1.) Phased Project in an Occupied Building completed including a minimum of (7) Phases with each Phase requiring (1) month for Facility turnover and relocation prior to commencement of the next phase. Phases are to be completed consecutively (one after the other). 2.) Site Preparation including staging, providing lockable temporary air-tight barriers to separate Construction areas from Occupied spaces and access to temporary entrances. 3.) Asbestos Removal- Abatement of approximately 15 Linear Feet of caulking per each Basement Window & approximately 19 Linear Feet of caulking per each 1st and 2nd floor window for perimeter caulking, , approximately 15 Linear Feet of caulking per each Basement Window & approximately 19 Linear Feet of caulking per each 1st and 2nd floor window for caulking under existing aluminum cladding, approximately 116 Square Feet of Black Tar Mastic removal at the perimeter of the exterior masonry window openings and approximately 6,635 SF of interior Flooring Removal 4.) PCB Removal- Removal of approximately 686 LF of non-liquid PCB caulking at exterior perimeter of Basement windows. 5.) Selective Demolition. 6.) Exterior Closure- Removal and Replacement of approximately 366 Windows including the removal, storage and re-installation of existing Security Screens, removal and replacement of existing Steel Lintels and associated masonry repair and removal/replacement of the windows. 7.) Interior Renovation including miscellaneous partition demolition, new partition installation, existing door replacement and/or new door installation, interior glazed opening installation or replacement, construction of new interior soffits, ceilings & walls 8.) Fire Protection specialties- relocation or providing new miscellaneous devices and specialties. 9.) Interior finishes and built-in casework. 10.) Bathroom and Kitchenette Renovations- including additions, alterations, relocations, modifications and revisions to the DCW & DHW distribution, sanitary/waste systems and plumbing fixtures 11.) Fire Protection system- Providing a full NFPA 13R sprinkler system throughout the Building utilizing a portion of the existing partial coverage sprinkler system. 12.) Electrical system modifications including additions, alterations, modification and revisions to accommodate interior renovations including power and lighting. 13.) Interior Lighting- revisions to accommodate all interior wall or room reconfiguration.

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (“DASNY”) has determined that its interest in obtaining the best work at the lowest possible price, preventing favoritism, fraud and corruption, and other considerations such as the impact of delay, the possibility of cost savings advantages and any local history of labor unrest are best met by use of a Project Labor Agreement (“PLA”) on this Project. The successful low bidder, as a condition of being awarded this Contract, will be required to execute the PLA described in the Information for Bidders and included in the Contract Documents. See Section 18.0 of the Information for Bidders of the Contract Documents for additional information. All subcontractors of every tier will be required to agree to be bound by the PLA.

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic all guidance as provided by the NYS Governor’s Office shall be applicable to the Project. For additional information please visit the following link:

Pre-Bid Walk Throughs will be scheduled for any plan-holder as follows:

1.)           All plan-holders must request in writing to attend a Pre-Bid walk through that will be conducted between 10/6/2020 and 10/8/2020 and scheduled at the Facilities convenience during normal business hours.

2.)           All requests for a pre-Bid walk-through must be received no later than 10/2/2020.

3.)           All plan-holders will be allowed to have only (1) ONE Representative to attend the Pre-bid site walk through.

4.)           Walk Throughs will be conducted in accordance with all current COVID-19 guidance and may be subject to change.

5.)           Walk Throughs will be conducted in groups not to exceed (10) persons.

6.)           All Bidders attending the walk though MUST provide: ID, submit to a non-contact temperature scan, wear a mask at all times and maintain approved social distancing requirements.

7.)           Disclosure- Some areas located within the building may currently be under Quarantine and will NOT be available for access during any site walk through.

Construction Duration- 30 months

Estimated Construction Start- 12/31/2020

Estimated Construction Completion- 6/30/2024

Construction Estimate- $9,000,000- $9,500,000

A complete set of Contract Documents may be viewed and/or purchased online from Camelot Print and Copy Centers. Only those Contract Documents obtained in this manner will enable a prospective bidder to be identified as an official plan holder of record. DASNY takes no responsibility for the completeness of Contract Documents obtained from other sources. Contract Documents obtained from other sources may not be accurate or may not contain addenda that may have been issued. In addition, prospective bidders are advised that the Contract Documents for this Project contain new ''GENERAL CONDITIONS for CONSTRUCTION'' dated May 1, 2018 that contain significant revisions from those documents previously contained in DASNY’s Contract Documents. Prospective bidders are further advised to review applicable sections of these General Conditions for any potential impact on their bid price prior to submittal of the bid. The plan holders list and a list of interested subcontractors and material suppliers may be viewed at DASNY’s website: For Bid Opportunities and other DASNY related news, follow us on Twitter @NYS_DASNY and Facebook

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Company Fax number

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The bidder or its principals must have completed five (5) contracts of relatively similar size, scope and complexity within the last five (5) years or demonstrated an increasing ability to successfully complete contracts of incrementally larger size and scope within the last five (5) years.

Contract Security, EEO/AA Insurance, NY State Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire (Executive Order 125). See Contract Documents for details.

In accordance with State Finance Law § 139-j and § 139-k, this solicitation includes and imposes certain restrictions on communications between Dormitory Authority personnel and an Offerer during the procurement process. Designated staff for this procurement are: The Project Manager and Contacts made to other Dormitory Authority personnel regarding this procurement may disqualify the Offerer and affect future procurements with governmental entities in the State of New York. Please refer to the Authority's website ( for Authority policy and procedures regarding this law, or the OGS website ( for more information about this law. All proposers, domestic and foreign, must be in compliance with New York State business registration requirements. Contact the NYS Department of State regarding compliance. In addition, business entities proposing to provide professional engineering services must obtain a Certificate of Authorization to Provide Engineering Services in New York State from the State Education Department. Proposals must be submitted in the full legal name of the proposer, or the full legal name plus a registered assumed name of the proposer, if any.

Due Date: 11/19/2020 2:00 PM

Contract Term: June 30, 2024

Location: Charles K. Post Addiction Treatment Center at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, 998 Crooked Hill Road, West Brentwood, New York 11717

Ad Type: General

Primary Contact:     Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
Downstate Construction

John Platz
Project Manager
998 Crooked Hill Road
Building 26
West Brentwood, NY 11717
United States
Ph: 631-434-3297

Secondary contact:     Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

ATTENTION: Contracts Unit - Dominick Donadio
515 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207-2964
United States
Ph: 518-257-3000