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Issue Date: 11/24/2023 Contract Number: IFB 21-107

UHB Generator Stack


The State University of New York at SUNY DOWNSTATE HEALTH SCIENCES UNIVERSITY will receive sealed bids from project number IFB 21-107 titled UHB- Generator Stack Modifications until ­­­January 17, 2024 at 12:00 PM (EST), where such proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Mailed Bids should be sent to the attention of Ms. Sophia Brinnius, 450 Clarkson Ave, Box 113 Brooklyn, NY 11203

Brief Project Background

The project solicits offers from qualified vendors for the Modifications to the Exhaust Stack Modifications for the SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University in the University Health Brooklyn Building.

The selected vendor will provide contractual, as well as required professional

services to complete the following scope of work related to the existing 4 caterpillar

generator exhaust stacks in UHB:


  1. Provide assessment of structural supports for existing generator stacks to

determine if modifications are required to adequately support modified/extended

stacks. Provide any required structural support enhancements.


  1. Provide calculations regarding static pressure requirements for exhaust stacks,

based on information from Caterpillar regarding the current generators, to

determine if proposed modifications to stack terminations are possible without

compromising generator performance or requiring additional controls/axial booster

fans/etc. Provide any required modifications identified to ensure generator

performance remains within specifications.


  1. Provide assessment of existing stack insulation to determine that it has not been

compromised over the years of service. Provide any required repairs to existing riser

stack insulation and provide required insulation for new terminal sections.


  1. Design, furnish and install required stack termination details to remove

goosenecks and extend stacks straight up 6 feet as required.


  1. All work is subject to terms and conditions outlined in the IFB.


Mandatory Walk-Through: 11/29/2023 at 11:00 a.m. We will meet in the lobby of

450 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203. Plan on arriving 15 minutes before the

scheduled time to go through campus screening.

Only firms that attend the mandatory Walk-Through can submit a proposal. If your

team plans on attending, provide the names and email addresses of personnel

wishing to attend the site by 11/28/2023.

Those wishing to participate in this procurement may download the IFB documents attached to this advertisement and submit via email a scanned copy of the Summary Information Form (Intent to Bid/No Bid) as soon as possible.

Any updates to the solicitation and answers to questions will be posted and released through the New York State Contract Reporter. It is the responsibility of all vendors to:

  • Register with the New York State Contract Reporter and sign up to receive notifications about this solicitation; or
    • Periodically check the New York State Contract Reporter for any updates or answers to questions pertaining to this solicitation.

Be advised that submission of responses to the solicitation that do not reflect and take into account updated information may result in your bid being deemed non-responsive to the solicitation.

This procurement is subject to NYS Finance Law Section 139 J&K, also known as the Lobbying Law. Therefore, vendors are cautioned that the only permissible contacts for this procurement are the individuals listed below.

The only individuals at SUNY-DHSU who may be contacted in connection with this matter are 1) Sophia Brinnius at / 718-270-3109 or  2) Maureen Crystal, Director of Contracts at 718-270-1976 or


Due Date: 01/17/2024 12:00 PM

Contract Term: 5 years

Location: 450 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Ad Type: General

Primary Contact:     State University of New York (SUNY)
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Sophia Brinnius
Legal Contract Officer
450 Clarkson Avenue
Box 113
Brooklyn, NY 11203
United States
Ph: 718-270-3109

Secondary contact:     State University of New York (SUNY)
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Sophia Brinnius
Legal Contract Officer
450 Clarkson Avenue
Box 113
Brooklyn, NY 11203
United States
Ph: 718-270-3109