Construction Vertical: Building Construction; Rehabilitation & New Construction - Construction

Issue Date: 09/03/2020 Contract Number: IFB 20/21-001 WR#203106

Network Roof Mechanical Cores Renovations


AD ID#2068285 - Stony Brook University Hospital intends to make an award for Structural Repairs to the Mechanical Cores of the Network Roof at Stony Brook University Hospital.   A  sealed bid will be held.  If you are interested in providing a proposal for the above Construction Project; as a Prime Contractor you must contact the appropriately designated Campus contact in this advertisement by September 9, 2020 and attend the  Mandatory Site visit / Bidders Conference Scheduled for September 10, 2020, all others within 15 days of this advertisement.   

The main features of the work to be done under the Contract, in accordance with the Contract Documents shall include, but not be limited to the following: 

1.  Mechanical Cores F, G, and H: Repair damaged cement stucco and furnish and install new waterproofing masonry coating over the existing exterior cement stucco walls.

2.  Mechanical Cores M-1 and M-2: Remove cement cladding from around steel structure for the upper sections of cores and exterior walls above fan room level. Once structural steel and walls are exposed EOR will perform a condition assessment and give direction for repairs. Remove and repair damaged steel framing and wire mesh in exterior walls. Furnish and install new concrete stucco on exterior metal framed walls. Furnish and install new waterproofing masonry coating over the new cement stucco finish.

3.  Furnish and install new roofing and flashing on all cores

4.  Replace damaged or rusted hollow metal doors, frames, and panels. Paint all doors, frames and panels on all cores.

5.  Furnish and install new Bronze anodized aluminum louvers at base and lower roof level of cores M-1 and M-2.

6.  The work that will be done under the awarded contract will consist of performing, installing, furnishing, and supplying all materials, equipment, labor and incidentals necessary or convenient for the completion of the project.

Documents: Due to COVID-19, Bidding and Contract Documents will not be able to be viewed at Stony Brook University Hospital. The documents may be examined free of charge at  the following plan room location.

The Construction Blue Book  

PIN 079694

Patricia Firman is the only permissible contact for this solicitation via NYS Agency e-mail:  .  Absolutely no communication at all should be uploaded or e-mailed via The Construction Blue Book.   The Construction Blue Book is being used solely for the purpose of providing interested Contractors with notice of the project and plan room  documents.   If a possible bidder posts/submits documentation, questions etc. to Patricia Firman via The Construction Blue Book web site they will not be opened, recognized, answered or made part of the procurement record.

Complete sets of Contract Documents for bidding may be obtained free of charge from Patricia Firman, Stony Brook University Hospital Purchasing, at . Documents will only be provided electronically via e-mail for this project.  This will allow for inclusion on the Project’s Plan Holders List and direct receipt of any Addenda and/or Clarifications that may be issued.  Bids submitted by contractors who have obtained forms in any other manner will be considered informal.


  • Site Visit and Bidders Conference  - A Mandatory site visit will be held promptly at 10:00 AM Thursday September 10, 2020.  Meeting Place:  Stony Brook University Hospital Outside the Main Lobby Entrance to the right if facing the Entrance (do not block the entrance to hospital).  Contractors are permitted one representative only.  A face mask must be brought to and worn at all times and all persons must adhere to social distancing requirements during the Site Visit/Bidders Conference. Contractors interested in this IFB and attending the Site Visit / Bidders Conference can request Invitation to Bid / Project Manual Documents and RSVP to attend bidders conference by submitting request(s) / notice in writing by September 9, 2020 12 noon providing your name, telephone number, company name, company address and company telephone to  .  Upon receipt contractors will receive a confirmation which will include the bid package documents.
  • RFI's (Request for Information - Technical Questions) are to be submitted in writing to by  Monday September 14, 2020 4:00 PM.  Keep in mind you have from 9/3/20 to 9/14/20 to review this bid package, formulate your questions and submit them in writing.  Only questions submitted in writing will be made part of the procurement record.
  • RFI Responses - All questions received with answers will be posted to this advertisement and the above stated Construction Blue Book hyperlink by September 16, 2020 or as soon thereafter as possible.
  • Submission of Bids -  Submit three complete sets of bid response, all original signatures, to Stony Brook University Hospital Purchasing Attn:  Patricia Firman  2000 Ocean Ave. Suite 1 Ronkonkoma, NY  11779 with the outside of the package clearly marked IFB 20/21-001 Network Roof Mechanical Cores .
  • Security will be required for each bid in an amount not less than five (5) percent of the Total Bid.
  • Bid Opening:  Proposals must be stamped received by 10:45 AM and will be opened and read aloud at 11:00 AM September 25th, 2020 at Stony Brook University Hospital Purchasing 2000 Ocean Ave. Ronkonkoma, NY  11779 - Large Conference Room.  Due to COVID-19 Guidelines and Restrictions only one person from your organization may attend the bid opening upon written request to and receipt of written confirmation from Patricia Firman Hospital Purchasing,   You must bring your written confirmation to the bid opening in order to attend or you may not be admitted.  You must be wearing a face mask and you must abide by all social distancing requirements.    Your RSVP to attend the bid opening is due no later than 12 noon September 21st so we can properly prepare for social distancing requirements. If it is determined by SBU HP there will be too many attendees to comply with COVID-19 Social Distancing Requirements an alternate virtual option will be substituted and sent out as an amendment to this IFB.
  • Estimated Project Start Date:  TBD
  • Estimated Project Completion Date:  TBD

Required forms to be submitted with IFB Proposal

1.  7554-07 Contractor Proposal

2.  Schedule of Values (Template Provided)

3.  Signed Amendments

4.  Bid Bond or other means of security as per Information for Bidders Section 6

5.  Exhibit H- Finance Law 139-I Sexual Harassment Certification

6.  Exhibit E (EO 177 Certification)

7.  Exhibit L

8.  Exhibit N List of Sub-Contractors with same minimum requirements as Bidder

9.  Equipment Submittals if applicable

10.  Tentative CPM Schedule and Working plan as per section 8 of the Information for Bidders

12.  Signed IFB cover page

13.  MWBE 7557-107 Utilization Plan (Preliminary)

14.  SDVOB 7564-107 Utilization Plan (Preliminary)

15.  MWBE SDVOB EEO Policy 7564-104

16.  MWBE 7557-10 EO 162

17.  7554-20 Bidder's Certifications

This is a prevailing wage project.  NYS Department of labor has assigned PRC#2020009078 to this project. 

Qualifications of Bidders   (See section 7 of 7554-06 Information for Bidders for complete set of bidder qualifications) 

  1.  A bidder must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the University, that it has successfully completed three (3) contracts similar in size, scope and complexity to this contract within the last five (5) years.

     a. For scope and complexity, similar work is defined as exterior building envelope façade and roof repair / replacement on an occupied healthcare facility. Repair and replacement of existing conditions includes shotcrete façade, louvers, and doors or as further described in the General Requirements, Description of Work.

    b. The determination of relevant contract experience in terms of size, scope and complexity will be at the sole discretion of the University.

    c.   The above three projects shall be submitted on Attachment A of the Proposal (Form 7554-07), “List of Completed Similar Construction Projects” (the List). If the List is not provided or is missing information, and/or is found to have erroneous information or information that is no longer current, a Proposal may be rejected as not responsive. If requested by the University, the bidder may be permitted to add missing information, modify and/or explain erroneous information or information that is no longer current on the List.  Modifications and/or explanations of the List must be received within 48 hours of receipt of the University’s request. 

Stony Brook Medicine (SBM) is committed to follow the Hospital's leadership mandate to implements sustainable and/or energy conserving products / building materials that would be required to achieve a minimum of LEED Silver status.  LEED certification may or may not be applied for but the required documentation should be appropriately available upon the request of SBM.

Therefore, procured products shall meet the established sustainable standards consistent to their restrictive industries such as Green Guard, FloorScore for flooring products, BIFMA for Business and Institutional furniture, CertiPUR-US for products containing foam material, etc.  All vendor estimates, proposals, quotes must be accompanied with the appropriate reference to the respective certifying agency.

Pursuant to N.Y. State Finance Law §139-l, every bid made on or after January 1, 2019 to the State of any public department or agency thereof, where competitive bidding is required by statute, rule or regulation, for work or services performed or to be performed or goods sold or to be sold, and where otherwise required by such public department or agency, shall contain a certification that the bidder has and has implemented a written policy addressing sexual harassment prevention in the workplace and provides annual sexual harassment prevention training to all of its employees. Such policy shall, at a minimum, meet the requirements of N.Y. State Labor Law 201-g. 

N.Y. State Labor Law §201-g provides requirements for such policy and training and directs the Department of Labor, in consultation with the Division of Human Rights, to create and publish a model sexual harassment prevention guidance document, sexual harassment prevent policy and sexual harassment training program that employers may utilize to meet the requirements of N.Y. State Labor Law §201-g. The model sexual harassment prevention policy, model sexual harassment training materials, and further guidance for employers, can be found online at the following URL:

Pursuant to N.Y. State Finance Law §139-l, any bid by a corporate bidder containing the certification required above shall be deemed to have been authorized by the board of directors of such bidder, and such authorization shall be deemed to include the signing and submission of such bid and the inclusion therein of such statement as the act and deed of the bidder. If the bidder cannot make the required certification, such bidder shall so state and shall furnish with the bid a signed statement that sets forth in detail the reasons that the bidder cannot make the certification. After review and consideration of such statement, SUNY may reject the bid or may decide that there are sufficient reasons to accept the bid without such certification.

The certifications required above can be found on Exhibit’s E and H which bidder must submit with this bid

This procurement is subject to NYS Finance Law 139 j&k, AKA the Lobby Law and in accordance with NYS Lobbying Law 139 requirements, effective immediately this procurement is in a “Restricted Period”. This restricted period will be in effect until an award for this product and/or service has been fully executed. Vendors are cautioned that the only permissible contact for this procurement is Patricia Firman Hospital Purchasing . Failure to comply with this requirement can range from no contract to debarment from sales to any NYS Agency.

Successful bidder will be required to complete and submit documents related to NYS Finance Law 139 j&k, and Public Officer Law.

Successful bidder shall be required to submit valid and current proof of NYS Workman’s Compensation and Disability Insurance forms.

If you propose to submit a bid, it must be sent to the address noted and received by the date and time provided in this advertisement.

All bidders must demonstrate their ability to meet specified Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Minority/Women Owned Business Participation Goals as stated in this advertisement and submit preliminary MWBE and SDVOB Utilization Plans (forms 7557-107 and 7564-107) with their IFB response.

The University recommends that vendors file the required CCA-2 online via the VendRep. To enroll in and use the VendRep, see the VendRep Instructions at or go directly to the VendRep online at https://portal.osc.s To request assistance, contact the Office of the State Comptroller’s (“OSC”) Help Desk at 866-370-4672 or 518- 408-4672 or by email at





Due Date: 09/25/2020 11:00 AM

Contract Term: 2 Years


Ad Type: General

Primary Contact:     State University of New York (SUNY)
SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital
Hospital Purchasing
Patricia Firman
Procurement Officer III
2000 Ocean Avenue
Suite 1
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
United States
Ph: 631-444-4065
Fax: 631-706-4505

Secondary contact:     State University of New York (SUNY)
SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital
Hospital Purchasing
Theresa Leppla
Instructional Support Assistant
2000 Ocean Avenue
Suite 1
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
United States
Ph: 631-444-4031
Fax: 631-706-4268
Secondary contact:     State University of New York (SUNY)
SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital
Hospital Purchasing
Patricia Firman
Procurement Officer III
2000 Ocean Avenue
Suite 1
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
United States
Ph: 631-444-4065
Fax: 631-706-4505