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Issue Date: 09/03/2020 Contract Number: R1158040

English Language Learners Professional Development Services



Please note that ALL proposals are due at 65 Court Street, Room 1201, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Attn: Bid Unit/Vendor Resources, with electronic copies emailed to . To download the solicitation, go to . If you cannot download the solicitation, send an e-mail to .  Include your company’s name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, Tax ID Number, MTAC Number & Title in all correspondence.  

 The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), on behalf of the Division of English Language Learners and Student Support, (DELLSS) seeks organizations that can support individuals and teams of educators with varying prior experience educating ELLs and can deliver effective teaching practices to New York City’s instructional leaders and teachers so that they, in turn, can provide coherent, rigorous ELL programs.

 Organizations can propose professional development that builds the capacity of elementary and secondary Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) and Dual Language Enrichment (DLE) teachers working with ELLs to develop students’ home language literacy across content areas. Respondents may propose professional development that addresses instruction in Spanish and/or one of other most commonly spoken languages by ELLs in TBE and DLE programs in New York City public schools. Professional development sessions must be offered in the language(s) of instruction for these teachers to enhance their instructional and academic vocabulary.

 Organizations can also propose professional development for teachers of ELLs in grades K-12. Professional development should emphasize developing educators’ capacity to incorporate English as a New Language (ENL) teaching methodology in their disciplines, helping ELLs access the core curriculum in the primary subjects: English, social studies, mathematics, and science. Accordingly, vendors will propose for any or all of the following components:

Component 1: Professional Development Services in Home Language (Spanish and/or other language currently offered in a TBE or DLE program) 

Component 2:  Professional Development on Academic Language Development

Component 3:  Professional Development on Mathematics

Component 4:  Professional Development on Science and STEM

Component 5:  Professional Development on Social Studies

Component 6:  Professional Development on English Language Arts 


 Questions regarding this solicitation should be addressed to

Due Date: 08/25/2045 1:00 PM

Contract Term: 5


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